I am the owner. 🙂 I write for God’s glory.

Every life story is distinct from the other.  Some could have the same flow of life today, but they will still hold opposing views at the end of the day.  The people we encounter makes it different.  They could bring out the best in us or even the worst in us.  But, whatever changes they transport to us, it will not affect our whole personality.  For it’s us who will make a choice of either to comply with them or not.  It is our values that we hold on to.  No one can take that away because from the very beginning it’s with us and it will always remain in us.

However, we might lose something important along the way, for we really can’t have everything in this world. Sometimes, we need to let go of what we’re holding on to have a good grip on what lies ahead. Our life is all about sacrifices, acceptance and understanding. Have faith in God and trust on His interventions in our life.

Enjoy reading. My blog is from God’s wisdom. Credits to HIM.


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