Know Life As It Is

Life as we know it is simple yet full of challenges.  And the standing of our life depends on how we face those challenges.  But enough of these common connotations about life; let’s focus on the real one…

Life as we experience it is so magical, very colorful.  But as we move towards our maximum point, it becomes disenchanted, very pale.  We missed the thrill and now we’re missing our old life.  So what do we do know??  We change our ways, trying to explore things that we aren’t used to be.  If we are used to be with friends all the time, we choose to be alone.  If we are used to talk to someone special every night, we choose to talk to someone we don’t know fully.  If we are used to surf the net all day, we still choose to do it but we try different sites not minding where it could lead us.  See how life gets so complicated because of your own choices??


Think of something you want in life…

(Okay!  You don’t have to enumerate it; I just want you to think of it.)

Now, what have you done to make it happen??

(Don’t say you haven’t done anything, for I know you have done a lot but when you’re in the middle of achieving it, you lose focus and so you end up not doing it.)

So, do the people around you affect your life??

(Of course, your answer would be “YES, everyone does,” but I think your wrong.  It was us.  It is always us who affect our own lives.  It’s because of our choices.  We wouldn’t be with these people if we didn’t choose to hang out with them.  We have our choices all the time.  And yes… back to the common connotation of life, “Life is about making choices.”  But to all life’s connotations, this one really makes sense.  And this one makes the world go round.  Why, because it’s hard to blame ourselves, when something goes wrong.  We look at the people around us as if they committed the most brutal crime that had just happened to us.)

So, after blaming them, we heard their side and we realize that we have just hurt them.  So where do we take the blame… yes, ourselves.  Imagine how you harm someone’s life and just end up blaming yourself??  We need to stop and think first before we act.  People nowadays are very sensitive even though they’re saying that “it’s ok,” it wasn’t really that okay.  We are great pretender just to show how strong we are on the outside but deep inside, it’s killing us.

So this is life, we enjoy, then we get tired, so we take a rest, decide to unwind, explore, then realized that we’re disconnected, so we get back to the way we used to live.  We have to learn on how to take our choices into reality.  Choose wisely and live well.


In all ways.. God gives us free will.

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.
And the LORD God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;
but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.

— Genesis 2:15-17

He is letting us to experience everything in this world, His creation, but He’s warning us not to be on something that is forbidden for we it could bring harm to us.  But then again… HE GIVES US FREE WILL.  And it would ALWAYS be our choice.  So it’s up to you…  to live with your own decisions.




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