My Destiny

You are the one I’m looking for,
It feels that I’ve seen you before.
In my dreams you are always there,
Everyday we’re together.

You fulfilled me as you dropped by,
My day ends when you say goodbye.
I’m glad when I see you smile,
Even our distance is a mile.

You lessen my unpleasant mood,
With your thoughts it feels so damn good.
Nothing’s impossible with you,
Even if you got things to do.

You make me happy and jealous;
Happy when you are in joyous,
Jealous when you are with someone.
Though feel numb when you’re with no one.

You made my life so meaningful,
Through the moments that are grateful.
I’ll never forget all of these,
‘Coz this connection is a wish.




One thought on “My Destiny

  1. from the time na ginawa ko to… wala akong pinagaalayan.. but now, I am dedicating this to my boyfriend Alexander Jay Silva. 🙂 I hope he could see this.

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