Moving-On is the same as Driving

Imagine that you’re in a car, driving…

(Rear & side mirrors represent your past; and wind shield represents the present & future.)

The past plays a small role in our life, as small as the rear & side mirrors are characterizing.  The bigger picture is the view on the windshield.  When we’re driving, our main focus is our front view.  We have to foresee the upcoming pathways to assure a clear maneuver on the present.  Then, it is very seldom that we look to the back view, only if it will hinder us to move forward.

For us to arrive on our destination safely, concentration is necessary.  But if we keep on glancing to the side and rear mirrors, confusions are at hand.  So let us be careful on dealing with our pasts… it might deceive us.  Fix our eyes to what is already in front of us, for everything that was already presented to us has gone by.  And there’s a little chance of coming back or it might get worse.


Life is like driving – always moving towards the destination.  We don’t drive backwards.  That’s why car is built with just a small rear/side mirror, to make us see the bigger picture of what’s in front of us.

Just as it is written:

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.”
— Isaiah 43:18




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