Why You

You’re the only one who made me feel like this,
So stupid to be in-loved with you.
I’m hoping with nothing in return,
You’re killing me with no care.

Still ignoring suitors, waiting for you
But you’re courting girls, not me.
Seeing you with someone feels vain
Still longing that I will be your one.

Why can’t you see my desire for you?
Isn’t it too obvious that I want you?
Don’t you feel what I’m feeling for you?
Why can’t you notice my love for you?


Photo by: mademan.com


Still thinking what’s missing with me,
Find nothing, ‘coz it’s only you.
Having you will make me complete
Still wishing I have you here with me.

You’re my loneliness and you’re my happiness
Being with you is mixed emotion.
Thinking of you makes me sick,
You’re my disease and you’re my medicine.




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