Irony of Life

I have these sentiments below:

» I laughed the whole day then find myself crying on the bathroom.

» I had learned the things to be discovered before going to sleep then forget all of it when I wake up.

» I managed to cooked for my breakfast and eat, and then I lost my appetite this evening.

» I have shared some advices to my friends then I don’t know how to deal with my own problems.

» I have completed everything that was planned, and then I don’t know what to do next as if something is still missing.


"Thinking Me"

Life’s irony… it’s easy to define but hard to understand.


and I was just thinking…

♦ What if I don’t laugh, would I still be crying?

♦ What if I don’t learn, would I still know that undiscovered thing the next day?

♦ What if I don’t cook my own breakfast, would I still manage to eat dinner?

♦ What if I ignore my friend’s problems, would I resolve mine?

♦ What if I don’t plan, would there still be something missing?


✤ Life is sometimes unfair…
You do it, and you won’t get it.  You avoid to do it, and you’ll get it.
But this inequality can develop a new character and that is ACCEPTANCE. ✤

mafe guinto .




7 thoughts on “Irony of Life

  1. Significant musings, substantial reflections, and a sensible perception.
    This post was surely born out of a very good reason.

      • Sorry to hear that. However, just because it’s sad doesn’t always mean it’s not good. If sadness brings anything good it employs, as you mentioned, acceptance. Acceptance of the fact that in life things aren’t always absolute and they don’t always happen as we expect them.
        Another thing, Sadness makes us determine it’s difference with joy. We won’t be able to appreciate happiness if we haven’t experienced sadness.
        Sadness like happiness is a state of the mind and it is perceived uniquely depending on the person. The good thing about perception is that it can be altered or controlled which means we can choose to hold on to it or let go.
        How to let go of sadness? By doing physical and mental activities that puts our mind in a better state.

        Physical – stay healthy. A healthy body precedes a healthy mind. Exercise let’s our body function properly and it gives good circulation where the brain also gets enough oxygen putting the brain in its best state. Eat sweet stuff that perks you up and make you feel good like ice cream but in moderation. Dark chocolate helps brain in releasing “dopamine” which is responsible for giving happy thoughts. Green tea helps the your brain relax as well. Yoga is another activity that gives a healthy body and sound mind.

        Mental – feed your mind with good stuff. Keep yourself busy by blogging or doing some artwork. Find support, you can’t do it alone. Having a stable support group like family and friends help you shun bad thoughts away. Communicate specially with someone you can trust to purge out your melancholy. Watch funny stuff like comedy movie. Also, meditate to train yourself to believe the right thoughts you should be having. It can be in a form of prayer or invoking positive mantras, again and again until your sub-consciousness will accept it as well as your consciousness.

        Don’t let your mind control you. Control your mind so it will help you do things that can be perceived as emotionally wonderful and spiritually uplifting.

        I know it’s better said than done but it won’t hurt if we give it a try.

        (P.S. I should have posted it in my blog. I figured it’s quite long 😀 )


      • that’s what I want to say.. you just posted a blog on my post. 🙂 cool.
        Another reminder that I should watch my health status. ‘coz that’s the first thing that gets affected everytime i’m weary.. i should eat a lot. (as in a LOT!) to recover from the days that I lost my appetite.

        thanks June! you’re a good blogger (and a friend as well)

      • Glad to be of help. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts as well as for the recognition. Stay happy!

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