Coffee, Burger and Fries

It’s Friday night and there’s a fireworks display at SM Mall of Asia. I find it refreshing to look above and enjoy the colorful illuminations in the sky.  It’s a great help to lessen my stress, physically and emotionally – the stress that I have acquired for the week. Also, it is a time for relaxation and unwind from my not-so-perfect life.

To complete this date with myself, I ordered the Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino and McDonald’s Cheese Burger & French Fries. 

The coffee compliments my idea of a peaceful night – renewal of my mind, heart and soul. And the burger satisfies my yearning for something salty and tasty, the fries gives me the time to observe the crowd around me. Do not be surprised! Every food has something to reflect on you. ^.^


I enjoy eating even when I’m alone for that’s the time I am able to discover things along with my existence 


My final say:  It’s not forbidden to take risks on trying things on your own.



4 thoughts on “Coffee, Burger and Fries

  1. Nothing is as stable as finding pleasure and comfort in his/her own company. Sometimes, we need time to reflect and what better way to spend it than to indulge food for the body and food for the soul.
    I’m glad you spent quality time with your self. Btw, you have the cutest pen I’ve ever seen. 😀

    • your comments are always great. 🙂 it is even better than my posts. 😀
      I used to date myself every weekend for almost 2years now. haha.
      I love pens. It’s a gift from a friend. 😀

      • The only reason for my alleged great comments are truly great posts.
        Some people can’t stand the thought of being alone. It’s good that you are at peace with your own company.
        You should tell your friend, he/she gave the cutest, useful, thoughtful gift. 😉

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