Upside Down

Do I really hear what I’m hearing?
You’re mouthing goodbye ‘coz you’re taken for granted.
Revoking all my fault that incite my conscience,
And I was left crying ‘coz you still don’t know…


You have showed your love, and I only show care.
You mean your promises, but I broke mine.
You always do your part, and I sometimes do mine.
You have set romantic dates, but I always forget.


I have said most “sorry”, and least “I love you”
You miss me a lot, but I kept away.
I have let you worry that I really don’t mind.
You reminisce every single date that I refuse to hear.


…Everything you have done, I value secretly.
When it matters to you, so much to me.
I remain loyal even though it’s not obvious.
I’m no longer an ingénue because of you.


In real state, both of us made mistakes,
You’ve exerted so much effort, you thought I don’t appreciate.
I’ve been a dolt in our relationship,
But still, you endure your feelings for me.

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Can you please stay and let me take over in this relationship?
‘Coz now I realize how much you mean to me.




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