Bubong sa Bahay na Bato


Ang bawat bahay, bubong ang katuwang

Sa kainitan ng panahon, lilim ang hatid.

Pagdating ng lamig, parang yakap ang laan.

Proteksyong maituturing, bubong sa ating tahanan.


Matibay, marupok, magarbo, simple at kumplikado

Mga salitang maaring lumarawan sa isang bubong.

Bahay na sinusukluban, marami ring katangian

Maaaring bahay kubo o bahay na bato.



Ang bubong na aking proteksyon.


Ang bahay na katuwang mo.


Bubong na ubod ng tibay sa umpisa,

Tulad ng pagmamahal mong inaalay araw-araw.

At bahay na batong kasing tibay ng iyong pagkakadikit,

Ang aking sagot sa alay mong pagmamahal.


Sa bawat pagsasama, lubos na kaligayahan ang nadarama

Ngunit sa kabila nito, may mga unos na sumusubok sa atin.

Sa pagtagal ng panahon, katibayan mo’y unti-unting nawawala

Mga pangako’y hindi na napanindigan.


Nang minsang bumuhos ang malakas na ulan,

Naramdaman ko ang bawat patak sa loob ng bahay.

Proteksyon mo’y nasira, ako’y iyong pinaluha

Paglipas ng ulan, lamat ang naging bunga.


Photo Credit: nzraw.co.nz

Photo Credit: nzraw.co.nz


Sinubukan kong takpan ang sira na likha ng nagdaang unos

Sa pagasang manumbalik ang katibayan.

Mga hadlang na mailap, malakas at mapusok

Pilit sinira ang mga bagay na nagkakabit sa atin.


Pagpapabaya ang tanging nangingibabaw

Tagumpay ang nakamtan ng mga taong humahadlang.

Samahan nati’y sadyang hindi pangmatagalan

Mga bagay na nagbuklod sa ati’y bumibigay.


Dating matibay na bubong sa bahay na bato.,

Kinalawang at naging marupok.

Ang magarbong pagkakagawa’y naging kumplikado

Sanhi ng mga panahong hindi inaasahan.


Bahay na bato’y lumubog at naghirap

Dating pundasyo’y nilamon ng pagsubok.

Ngayo’y kaunting pag-ihip ng hangin,

Kasiraan at kahinaan ang nakaabang.



Ang bubong na sumira sa akin.


Ang bahay na iyong iniwan.


Kung pagmamahal mo’y tunay,

Bakit hinayaang saktan ang puso kong nagmamahal?

Kung proteksyon mo’y tunay,

Bakit hinayaang sirain ng mga taong hadlang sa ating samahan?


Marahil hindi laan sa bahay na bato,

Ang tulad mong isang bubong na madaling sumuko.

Siguro nga’y hindi tugma,

Mga bagay na nagdudugtong sa atin.

A Maid Come True



…is a DREAM COME TRUE for me.


Ever since I was a child,

I always dream of being a flower girl

but I’ve never been one.

And now, the time has come

To be a maid of honor,

Not the usual girl

But a vogue lady.

I walk through the aisle full of roses petals

Looking to the lenses of different cameras

Smiling back to the pretty smile of the audience

Feeling the wedding ambiance

This is an answered prayer.

And though this is not the first time

to be a part of a wedding entourage

It feels like it is.

Every step I cherish,

Reminiscing my childhood days

Thinking that I was never meant to hold a flower,

Now, I’m holding one,

And my hands perfectly holds it.

It fits and it was meant to be.


Move Forward; Leave the Past

Photo Credit: fullwattage.com

Photo Credit: fullwattage.com

There are a lot of people looking forward for this year 2013.  Some are ready for a change. Some are preparing for a new beginning.  Some are open for all the possibilities and opportunities in life.  And some are just continuing their achievements.  These looking-forward-things are not guaranteed to last.  Many will succeed and also, many will fail.  But in all these, it will always depend on our choice to either make it happen or let it be.

Life gets complicated as we grow up.  Then, life gets meaningful as we mature. Then, life gets thrilled as we survive.  And finally, it becomes still as we got tired.  These are our life phases.  It may become a cycle if we can’t learn it.  But we’re always moving on.  We can never look back for the time has passed.  Even if it’s impossible, we always wish that we could just turn back time to correct our mistake.  But we can’t, for we know that time will never go counter-clockwise.  So even if we deal to our past, we can never take back the time we had just spent from it.

Photo Credit: hardwaresphere.com

Photo Credit: hardwaresphere.com

Move on!  Don’t be still.  Time is running out and there are more things to be done than dealing with those uncertain chances to correct our mistake.

“…Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead.”  — Philippians3:13

Photo Credit: vi.sualize.us

Photo Credit: vi.sualize.us


How will you know if you are still hanging on with your past?

1.   If you are not satisfied with your current life, then you are still stuck with those negativity from the past.

2.  If you are worried about your future, then there’s something that still holds you back.

3.  If you are afraid of encountering again things that you have done wrong, then you have not overcome your past yet.

4.  If you are in a situation that reminds you of your past mistake and it makes you uncomfortable, then you are so not over it.  And,

5.  If you hear something related about your wicked act and keep on blaming yourself at the back of your mind, then you are just pretending to be moving on.



How will you know if you are moving on?

1.  If you are contented with your present life, then you are starting to embrace the fact that there’s more to live with.

2.  If you are secured to your future, then there’s nothing that can hinder you to go on and enjoy the life you have.

3.  If you are fearless of facing possible problems, then you are giving yourself a chance to make things right the way they should be.

4.  If you are in a situation that reminds you of your past mistake and it makes you laugh, then you are over it.

5.  If you hear something related about your wicked act and gives some words of wisdom regarding this thing, then you are working it out to share your experience that must not be repeated.


Everything that keeps us alive is something that we should be thanking of, for we are given the chance to make things work the way it should be.  Trials are there to help us learn the right thing.  It is there to test us.  So, whether you passed or failed, choose to move on and make life fruitful.  God has unlimited blessings in many forms.  Take it and live with it.



The Match of Your Heart

It’s good to live in a world where you can get all that you want.  But it doesn’t provide the missing part in our life.  You might have done a lot of things to make yourself happy and satisfied, and this just lasts for awhile.  Neither your money nor your own capability can fill the emptiness that your heart seeks.  And we all know that rectangular-shaped money will never be compatible with the shape of our heart.  Whatever we try to fit into something that doesn’t match will just be wasted.

Photo Credit: aaron.com

Photo Credit: aaron.com

So let’s stop rummaging around for the search is over… He already found us to fill up the longing of our life.  Only God has the power to comply with our needs.  He understands and He can resolve our brokenness from our past life trials.