2009: What A Year!

This was my conclusion for the year 2009. The moment I read this, I was moved by my words because these are the things that I have learned from all those experience, that it leaves me wiser and better. ^.~


A heartbreaking year. This tests my emotions. I have realized so many things like TRUE LOVE WAITS and LOVE TAKES TIME. I thought I love myself more than I do but I was wrong because I let myself love someone who’s not really deserving. I had loved him so much that I never thought I was hurting myself little by little. I lost control of my affections. I had suffer much for this year. I let myself do the wrong things but then, I now admit that I’m so wrong and I want to change everything. I have to LOVE MYSELF before I share my life with someone.

I’m physically strong, but I’m emotionally WEAK to handle everything that I kept to myself. I had lost my pride and do such things that is against woman nature. I had sacrificed much and I don’t get anything in return. LOVE had ruined my life and I just let it take its way which is wrong. But I know God has guided me every time and He wants me to learn from my terrible mistakes. My experience this year had changed my life so bad. But I’m looking forward of changing my life for the better.


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