Love is Optimism

“Love is sweeter the second time around.” But this has nothing to do with my post today. I just want to start my paragraph with “love” and this is the first passage that pops up into my mind. I don’t know, but I have this sense that whenever I start everything in love, positivity always comes in. It is the activation of optimism, I believe.

From my last post (Buhay ng Aking Lamesa), you have seen how messy I am when reviewing. But on a latter part, I can still fix my things after the stressful memorization of formulas and procedures… And what makes you clean your surroundings? It has only three possible reasons: (1) it was part of your daily routine; (2) you are so inspired or in the mood to fix everything; or (3) you are facing a problem so you want to divert your attention to some things, probably cleaning. Obviously, the third reason has no room for this post because I started the paragraph with love. Also, reviewing is not a constant part of my daily routine, so I am not obligated to clean my table every day. So that leaves us to the second possible reason, YES! I am inspired to fix my things because my hard work pays off. I PASSED THE CE MOCK BOARD EXAM! And that made one of my dreams come true, to finish my studies by graduating to college. It is done, finally.

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Even if I wasn’t able to march with my classmates last March 2013, the feeling is still mutual; I have seen and realized that whenever you put the best from all your efforts towards something, the result is very heart-warming and fulfilling. There is nothing to compare from the joy it brings that I deserve all of these. And most of all, to my God, who made all things possible, He deserve all the praises, glory and honor from my success. I LOVE YOU MY LORD!



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