Golden Faith Within…

One of my spiritual outlets is writing.   I enjoy it from the beginning up to its ending.   Words are rushing through my vein and its power is activated by God.   I’m just the knowledge but He is the wisdom.   He’s in-charge of the script influence and motivation to the readers.  I’m just a pen but He is the thought.  Every single letter in this blog is through Him delivered by me.

Each part is necessary like a flower that is incomplete without a good smell.  Butterflies won’t alight to it if it stinks.  Same in writing, it can’t be absolute if it lacks in idea.  Readers will not comprehend to it if it’s a mess up.  So this is it.  My way of writing.  Enjoy reading.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your tagline, name and the aim of writing for Christ!! Keep inspiring and encouraging others like you did me 🙂 Hope to visit often. Blessings,.

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