Help me to Get Back in the Field

The title implies the need to be back on a lost connection. Words are there but the thoughts are mixed up. It isn’t the confusion that makes it more complicated. It was the time taken to produce a piece. The strength was consumed by the most important things, ignoring the least without weighing how much happiness it could bring.


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Help me to restore the desire in pondering things and moments beyond what the world could see. Help me to get back in the field of writing. Help me to make the most out of the little time remaining to express a portion of life. Help me to maximize the power of turning thoughts into words. Help me, O God, to have wisdom, strength and courage to continue what You calls me to do.

As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.

-1 Peter 4: 10 ESV


Sacrifice No More

I should’ve done something more for myself…

But something came up..
It always came up whenever I’m about to enjoy..
He needs me more than I need myself
to get pampered and all.

I have sacrificed too much,
to the point that what was left for me is him..
Only him.
Now I was left with nothing.


Destined to be Changed

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The wonder of living a life is the presence of unending changes. It has awakened us into something that would change our point of view. Things that matter yesterday could be ignored today and forgotten tomorrow. And the important ones are going to remain and keep going. Whatever circumstances life has to offer, it will contribute to our mode of existence.


Changes are always present in one’s life. It’s our choice and we’re the one who make it. Life doesn’t limit anything in particular. For the more you want it, the more it will be limitless for you – that there is nothing forbidden you would not do. We are the author of living, consumer of nature, user of time, initiator of happenings and engineer of character.


This is my life; I am bounded by beautiful and horrible things in this world. But what I love the most is when I’m surrounded with people that would guide me in the right path. Regardless of the joy they bring, what matters most is the character they are imposing to me. It is better to learn from them first than to have fun with them; for pleasure is much appreciated when you have learned what you must discern in all aspect of life. Although initially, we won’t ascertain those learning if we’re not able to enjoy their company so, we have to be flexible and extensive. Our open-mindedness would give us the signal on where they could lead us and it would help us estimate up to what part we will still be connected in their lives.


Fortunately, I have my parents, sisters and brother. They give me this lifetime involvement in our relationship as a family. They are the main contributor in building my personality. We’re not perfect but the essential requirements in building a household are present. I am the oldest. And being the first born, I grow up responsibly bearing in mind that I will be the one who will take care of my siblings and my parents when they grow old. With this mindset, I turn out to be a bossy girl. I want everything to be done my way. And if it doesn’t happen, I get mad. For I always thought to myself that my suggestions are really worth it. There is no room for rejection in my life, all seems to be right. And so, yes, I am selfish.


Too much trust to myself helps me to become confident for I used to be shy before. It develops my self-esteem and has brought the best in me. I implant a lot of assurance in my heart. Guarantee that I will always get what I want and I will always be respected by many. All people wants this but only few got the guts to make it happen and I’m gonna make it happen. That’s me, I am excessively-determined.


If you will try to ask the people around me about my behavior, they will all respond, maganda (pretty). And that was a joke. No, seriously they will answer, masungit (short-tempered). Many get the wrong impression about me, for I am not that approachable. I’m snobbish but you can get the favor you need from me if you will risk talking to me. I like people who have the spirit to tell someone what they desire even if they have sense that this is a not-so-nice person. It only shows that they are not judgmental. And it will be easy for me to talk to them because I know that they still believe that I am kind if they want me to be one. But still, they’re anxious. It’s what they thought, I’m vain.


Being someone to others that I’m really not had lead to my independency. I discover things on my own and I find it hard to share it. Individuality has overwhelmed me in all views. The state of being alone is never a big deal for me. Eventually, I enjoy doing things all by myself. I don’t need anyone, instead they need me. I grow up like this, I’m proud.


Things in this world are attainable to someone who is powerful. And you can’t get anything from it if you don’t work hard. But I know that there is God who can help us attain what we want. A continuous prayer will make it possible. If you really want it, God will give it to you if you don’t give up. Even if I possess the attitudes of bravery, I know that it’s not enough for I am nothing without God. I’m a Catholic Church attendee and I always feel like serving the Lord to our church but it never happen. And now I know why it didn’t turn out. It’s my second year in college when me and my friend are waiting for our next class, a girl approach us and ask us if she could share something on us for free. So we agreed. She discusses the “Bridge of Life” and asks us for a prayer of acceptance. I pray with her for the sake of her kindness, but I don’t mean that prayer. Then she invited us for a Bible study and has settled a schedule. At first, I care less for I am not in favor of any other religion except Catholic. Then, for our second meeting, I have more classmates to join us, so she shares again what she had shared to us. And that was our last meeting to her, because we didn’t text her back because of our complicated schedule. I am not aware but yes, I am harsh.


Until there’s another girl who keep on asking me to join her, together with my classmates, in their Bible study and I keep on saying “yes” but I really don’t mean it. She never gave up on asking me all over again whenever she sees me. And it gets so irritating that I have to hide myself whenever I see her first. I may save myself from her perseverance to pursue me, but it’s not over. One of my professors is a Christian and he invited us to come to “Freshmen Treat”. So we come and the speakers are so great, but the last speaker made me realize how sinful I am that I need the Lord to overcome things in a right way. After that event, I can’t explain the feeling inside me that I am so eager to conduct a Bible study with the girl who keeps on pursuing me. Until one day she sees me and without asking me, I answered quickly that I will really go. She just smiles. And I added, “Promise!”


Our meeting continues and I have learned a lot of things from the Bible. I have seen that it isn’t enough that I pray for it needs an action and a heart of good intention. There are so many truths revealed in the Bible and I could say that it can really change someone who will hear it. The knowledge that comes from the Lord is incomparable. And applying it in real life makes it superior and influential. There are so many shared testimonies in the world, either for the glory of God or the honor of someone. But any of the two, the one who listen to it, gets an impact of amazement and inspiration. Because that’s how we are, if it sounds cool we copy it and try to apply it on our lives.



The fact that God changes people the moment they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, occurs to me. I become aware of my attitude. I pray for discipline and a chance to transform into His likeness. I have dedicated my time learning and applying His words through the help of my Bible study leader. Changes occur naturally. I become silent and more sensitive to others. I am loved and restored. All positive things surround me. They bring joy and blessings that I can’t contain anymore so I let it out and let others discern it. For that would be the best thing to be known as you – a light. After some time, many of my friends and classmates told me that I change a lot. And I could tell it to myself too, I am praising God all the more because of these visible changes. From being selfish, I become selfless; from proud to humble; and from harsh to gentle. The old me was gone, everything is new and holy. Things that I love in this world were replaced by things that I have to work in fulfilling the will of the Lord. My heart desires to be with the Lord, my mind yearns for wisdom from God, and my soul longs for the Spirit to be my guide all the time. I love the Lord with all my heart, my mind and my soul. I belong to Him.


Being in the right place gives me the idea to be more productive and fruitful. My Bible study leader told me what she observes from me and said, “You have the gift of wisdom. Use it for the glory of God.” From the time she told me that, I was delighted and encouraged. The first thing that comes into my mind was to teach and share the good news to others. I have the words but I need the courage to proclaim. For the courage, many fellow Christians help me on how to share the gospel. Upon learning the ways, I started sharing and serving the Lord. I become an officer to our Christian organization at school and have been teaching some students about the Lord through the Bible. It seems that I’ve been fulfilling the will of the Lord by consistent and continuous obedience on His words. And it’s great and awesome. Love is winning. Joy is bursting. Peace is flowing. Patience is extending. Kindness is happening. Goodness is yielding. Faithfulness is holding. Gentleness is growing. Self-control is ruling. The fruit of the spirit turn out to be active and dedicated.


Para sa mga Denial

Yun oh! Dahil binabasa mo ito, para sa iyo nga ‘to. Aminado ka na in-denial ka. At kung balak mong itigil ang pagbabasa, ay naku… certified in-denial ka talaga. So wala kang kawala, pagtiyagaan mo mo na ito kesa naman pati sa sarili mo dine-deny mong in-denial ka nga. For once, manindigan ka naman. Don’t worry hindi ka naman aawayin ng post na ito, may gusto lang akong i-share. So let’s get started, para mas magkaaminan na.

  • Ano nga ba ang dahilan ng masyado mong pagpapatay-malisya nang minsan kang tanungin ng nanay mo kung may boyfriend ka na?
  • O nang tanungin ka ng mga ka-barkada mo kung nagka-girlfriend ka na, sinabi mo bang hindi pa kasi lagi kang basted o sinabi mong oo at hindi na mabilang?
  • Minsang pinakilala ka ng kaibigan mo sa chix niyang schoolmate dati, ayun! biglang single ka, dineny na si girlfriend.
  • Eh nung bigla kang tinanong ng kaibigan mo tungkol sa ex mo, ang sabi mo lang, “wag na nating pag-usapan ‘yun, Past is past,” pero deep inside gusto mo ng i-share sa kanya na nami-miss mo na din yun.
  • Bakit nga ba hindi mo makuhang aminin sa mga kaibigan mo na hindi ka naman talaga okay kasi nga may problema at pinagdadaanan ka?
  • Eh kailan ka nga ba naman umamin sa sarili mo na hindi mo naiitindihan ang ibang pangyayari sa buhay mo dahil pilit mong isinasawalang-bahala ang mga problemang dumadating sa’yo?
  • Nasaan na yung magaling-magadvice-side mo nang ikaw na yung nakakaranas ng problema ng mga pinapayuhan mo?
  • Totoo pa ba yung ngiti mo pag kasama mo ang tropa? O kung totoo man, tatagal naman kaya yang saya na yan kung patuloy mong itatago ang lungkot sa loob mo?
  • Nahuli ka ng nage-emo, ayaw pang umamin nang may makausap ka naman.
  • Bakit ba kasi ang taas ng pride mo, eh hindi mo naman kaya mag-isa?
  • Kung yung mga pulubi nga, nanlilimos ng atensyon sa ibang tao, ikaw na buo ang pamilya at maraming kaibigan, hindi mo pinapansin kasi gusto mo pang patunayan sa sarili mo na kaya mo kahit ikaw lang.
  • At ang pinakamasaklap sa lahat, naturingan kang Kristiyano pero kung mamuhay ka, parang walang kinatatakutan na Diyos, yung tipong ikaw lang ang nakaka-alam na maka-Diyos ka pala.
  • Baka kaka-deny mo, pati si Lord i-deny ka na rin pag dumating yung panahon na ma-meet mo Siya sa kabilang buhay. (c) Mateo 10:32-33

Ilan lamang ito sa mga sitwasyon na nagde-deny tayo, maraming beses na natin iyong nagawa. Hindi nga lang kapansin-pansin ang iba dahil hindi naman iyon ganun ka-big deal. Pero ano pa man yun, ang pagde-deny ay isang uri ng pagsi-sinungaling. At alam naman nating masama ang magsinungaling kahit na may dahilan ka pa kung bakit mo iyon nagagawa. Tandaan natin na mahirap man sabihin, magaan naman sa pakiramdam pag naging honest ka sa sarili mo at sa mga taong nakapaligid sayo. Hindi magiging kumplikado ang buhay kung marunong kang maging totoo sa una pa lang. Kaya huwag na nating hayaang tumagal pa ang isang sitwasyon sa pagsisinungaling dahil walang katotohanan ang hindi nabubunyag. Sabi nga sa Juan 8:32, “…ang katotohanan ang magpapalaya sa inyo.”

Alalahanin din nating hindi natutuwa ang Diyos sa sinungaling:

❝Namumuhi si Yahweh sa taong sinungaling,

Ngunit ang tapat ay ligaya Niya at aliw.❞

– Kawikaan 12:22


Someone Still Cares


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Tears are very emotional. The faster it drops, the more you’re hurt. But the longer it gets you crying, the faster you’ll move on. Pouring out all the burden and pain without holding back will help you lighten the baggage of brokenness. It will release all the negativity. And with your emptiness, someone will fill it again with positivity and strength. Someone who will pour out everything until you’re overflowing with hope, faith and love again.

From your suffering, comes comfort from someone who is always there to catch you, just waiting for you to turn around and seek Him. He is there, always present in your life but invisible to your sight. You’re almost ignoring Him when you’re happy with your so-called friends. You seem to be busy whenever you heard Him calling to you. You intentionally take no notice of Him even if it’s obvious to you that He’s watching. And now that you’re down, He is still there, He never leaves you. So take the chance to talk to Him and ask for forgiveness and support. He is our God, the God of grace and mercy, the God of all comfort, and the one and only God we have in our life. For just as it is written:

❝ The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. ❞

– Psalm 34:18


For whatever reason you are crying, God is there to wipe away all your tears and replace it with an encouraging smile. Never lose hope for He acts in a moment when you least expected it.