Meant To Be Not Together

What a world…

Full of lovely couples,

Clingy in the nicest way.


Oh I’d hope that we’d had that one day together.

But things got rough,

Ruining the moment of sweetness.

Ending the love once started.


I wish it was that easy…

To make the one you like be meant for you,



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My everyday passion has now become my very least priority.
I’d taken it for granted — the talent He gave to me.
But still, here I am, breathing and having thoughts of Godly wisdom
I am certain that I haven’t reach the end yet.
For just as I have realized the lacking element of my existence,
I know that this is the beginning of change.


I will write His words to inspire and to deliver His message for every one! 🙂 Just keep in touch.. And pray with me as I make progress to glorify His name in writing.



❤ God bless us all! Spread the LOVE by using your God-given talents. Happy Valentines Day! ❤


Puso Kong Tibok ng Tibok

Kay ganda ng araw pagmulat ng aking mga mata,

Panibagong buhay ang ipinagkaloob sa akin ng Maykapal.

Ngunit kasabay ng pasasalamat may kabang nadarama,

Hindi mapakali ang aking puso’t isipan.

Mula umaga hanggang ngayong dilim na ang bumabalot sa kalangitan,

Patuloy pa din ang puso kong tibok ng tibok.

Napakarami ng ginawa upang malibang,

Wala pa ring pagbabago sa mabilis na kabog sa dibdib.

Idinadalangin sa Taas na mapayapa ang pakiramdam,

At ako’y magtitiwala sa Kanyang pagkilos.



Beginning and End of My Love

The love that sprang up so quickly,

From the first time we looked at each other

Through your eyes that seems to know me more than I do

And that stare could mean something to treasure for like forever.


The love that grew up so deeply,

From the time that we’re always next to each other

Through the moments that we shared every day and night

And you, eventually being my other half showed signs of eternity.


The love that startled up so undeniably,

From the misunderstandings and arguments that we cried out

Through your short-tempered attitude that easily give up

And you’re closing it right away like there’s no tomorrow.


The love that broke up so painfully,

From ending the commitment we had on our relationship

Through your goodbye that made me feel unwanted

And the tears in my eyes poured out endlessly.


The love that moved on so slowly,

From the time I’ve known that you betrayed me

Through my gift for you that you use to give to your other girl

And that brought torture to my heart until the end of time.


Our love is so quick to be forever.

My love is so deep until eternity.

Your love is so undeniable for no tomorrow.

And we had a love that is so painful to be on endlessly.

But I’ve learned to take love so slow to make it through the end of time.



LOVE, in all sense, could start perfectly

But could end unexpectedly.


Ngayong Gabi

Oh kay tahimik ng gabi,

At wala akong masabi.

Ngunit ang dami kong iniisip

Sa utak ko’y sila’y sumisilip.

Sinusubukang ilabas ang emosyong aking tinatago.


Ang buwan na hindi ko makita,

Mga bituin na parang nagsasalita.

Ang tunog ng kuliglig

At ang hanging kay lamig

Sinusubukang ilabas ang emosyong aking nililihim.


Tanaw ko ang buong kalangitan

Ramdam ko ang kalungkutan.

Nasisilayan ko ang kalupaan,

Walang taong nagdadaan.

Sinusubukang ilabas ang emosyong aking gustong isigaw.


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