Meant To Be Not Together

What a world…

Full of lovely couples,

Clingy in the nicest way.


Oh I’d hope that we’d had that one day together.

But things got rough,

Ruining the moment of sweetness.

Ending the love once started.


I wish it was that easy…

To make the one you like be meant for you,



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Beginning and End of My Love

The love that sprang up so quickly,

From the first time we looked at each other

Through your eyes that seems to know me more than I do

And that stare could mean something to treasure for like forever.


The love that grew up so deeply,

From the time that we’re always next to each other

Through the moments that we shared every day and night

And you, eventually being my other half showed signs of eternity.


The love that startled up so undeniably,

From the misunderstandings and arguments that we cried out

Through your short-tempered attitude that easily give up

And you’re closing it right away like there’s no tomorrow.


The love that broke up so painfully,

From ending the commitment we had on our relationship

Through your goodbye that made me feel unwanted

And the tears in my eyes poured out endlessly.


The love that moved on so slowly,

From the time I’ve known that you betrayed me

Through my gift for you that you use to give to your other girl

And that brought torture to my heart until the end of time.


Our love is so quick to be forever.

My love is so deep until eternity.

Your love is so undeniable for no tomorrow.

And we had a love that is so painful to be on endlessly.

But I’ve learned to take love so slow to make it through the end of time.



LOVE, in all sense, could start perfectly

But could end unexpectedly.


2009: What A Year!

This was my conclusion for the year 2009. The moment I read this, I was moved by my words because these are the things that I have learned from all those experience, that it leaves me wiser and better. ^.~


A heartbreaking year. This tests my emotions. I have realized so many things like TRUE LOVE WAITS and LOVE TAKES TIME. I thought I love myself more than I do but I was wrong because I let myself love someone who’s not really deserving. I had loved him so much that I never thought I was hurting myself little by little. I lost control of my affections. I had suffer much for this year. I let myself do the wrong things but then, I now admit that I’m so wrong and I want to change everything. I have to LOVE MYSELF before I share my life with someone.

I’m physically strong, but I’m emotionally WEAK to handle everything that I kept to myself. I had lost my pride and do such things that is against woman nature. I had sacrificed much and I don’t get anything in return. LOVE had ruined my life and I just let it take its way which is wrong. But I know God has guided me every time and He wants me to learn from my terrible mistakes. My experience this year had changed my life so bad. But I’m looking forward of changing my life for the better.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love… the love that we all desire.   We thought this is positive.  But here’s the twist of loving unconditionally:

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Sometimes we have to give up wonderful things just to make everything alright.

Sometimes we have to bleed alone for somebody to smile, we need our tears to flow just to save the tears of the other.

And there are times that we need to give up our own happiness just to conceal someone else’ burden.

…that’s what we call LOVE.  It’s very unconditional.

– mafeviii           .



Longing for Something?


     Minsan sa buhay natin, nakakaramdam tayo ng pagkatamad sa pagkilos.  We don’t know where our life is heading us.  Marahil alam mo, pero hindi ka naman sigurado.  Sometimes akala natin yung ginagawa natin ay ang magsa-satisfy sa need ng buhay natin… only to find out that in the end, hindi pala ito ang gusto natin.  Uncertainties in life are not advantageous but it could be a way to finally find what is certain in life.

     We long for… love, partner, friends, family, happiness, career, and other things under the sun.  We look, seek and search to find this longing.  We’re doing a lot of things to fulfill this yearning.  The desire of our heart is what we’re following, but we always end up broken-hearted.  Then, we try for another and end up broken-hearted again and again.  No matter how hard we try, if it doesn’t fit in our heart… it will never satisfy us.

     We should stop hurting our heart by trying to fit a lot of things to fill it.  We should guard our heart for it is very deceiving.  YUP, it is deceiving.  Mapanlinlang ang puso natin.  It is written in Jeremiah 17:9,

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure.    Who can understand it?”

     That is why it is also written in Proverbs 4:23,

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

     Kaya nga we must not follow our heart… but we should follow Jesus Who’s in our heart.  He is the only one who could satisfy the deepest longing of our life and our heart.  For with Him, nothing is impossible.  And with Him, everything will fall into its place… in God’s time.

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”   -Psalm 37:4

     With Jesus in your heart, every desire of your heart will always be in His will.  Follow Jesus in your heart and you will never be broken-hearted.  Follow Him and you will find direction in your life.

       If you choose to follow Jesus to fill your heart… let Him be the Savior and Lord of your life.  Pray to receive Christ in your heart.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”   -Revelation 3:20

     Jesus is knocking at your heart (the door).  Have Him in your heart and be delighted always.