Sacrifice No More

I should’ve done something more for myself…

But something came up..
It always came up whenever I’m about to enjoy..
He needs me more than I need myself
to get pampered and all.

I have sacrificed too much,
to the point that what was left for me is him..
Only him.
Now I was left with nothing.



Meant To Be Not Together

What a world…

Full of lovely couples,

Clingy in the nicest way.


Oh I’d hope that we’d had that one day together.

But things got rough,

Ruining the moment of sweetness.

Ending the love once started.


I wish it was that easy…

To make the one you like be meant for you,



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My everyday passion has now become my very least priority.
I’d taken it for granted — the talent He gave to me.
But still, here I am, breathing and having thoughts of Godly wisdom
I am certain that I haven’t reach the end yet.
For just as I have realized the lacking element of my existence,
I know that this is the beginning of change.


I will write His words to inspire and to deliver His message for every one! 🙂 Just keep in touch.. And pray with me as I make progress to glorify His name in writing.



❤ God bless us all! Spread the LOVE by using your God-given talents. Happy Valentines Day! ❤


Love is Optimism

“Love is sweeter the second time around.” But this has nothing to do with my post today. I just want to start my paragraph with “love” and this is the first passage that pops up into my mind. I don’t know, but I have this sense that whenever I start everything in love, positivity always comes in. It is the activation of optimism, I believe.

From my last post (Buhay ng Aking Lamesa), you have seen how messy I am when reviewing. But on a latter part, I can still fix my things after the stressful memorization of formulas and procedures… And what makes you clean your surroundings? It has only three possible reasons: (1) it was part of your daily routine; (2) you are so inspired or in the mood to fix everything; or (3) you are facing a problem so you want to divert your attention to some things, probably cleaning. Obviously, the third reason has no room for this post because I started the paragraph with love. Also, reviewing is not a constant part of my daily routine, so I am not obligated to clean my table every day. So that leaves us to the second possible reason, YES! I am inspired to fix my things because my hard work pays off. I PASSED THE CE MOCK BOARD EXAM! And that made one of my dreams come true, to finish my studies by graduating to college. It is done, finally.

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Even if I wasn’t able to march with my classmates last March 2013, the feeling is still mutual; I have seen and realized that whenever you put the best from all your efforts towards something, the result is very heart-warming and fulfilling. There is nothing to compare from the joy it brings that I deserve all of these. And most of all, to my God, who made all things possible, He deserve all the praises, glory and honor from my success. I LOVE YOU MY LORD!


Unfailing Love

I was hurt for a hundred times.

I was forsaken for a hundred times.

I was neglected for a hundred times.

I was misjudged for a hundred times.

I was insulted for a thousand times.


But with all of these sufferings and pain I know that…


Jesus is hurt for countless times.

Jesus is forsaken for countless times.

Jesus is neglected for countless times.

Jesus is misjudged for countless times.

Jesus is insulted for countless times.


Yet, HE OFFERS HIS LOVE TO US FOR COUNTLESS MORE TIMES. No matter how many times we have sinned He still loves us. So let us stop complaining and follow His footsteps towards the promise land – our Father’s Kingdom.

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