Meant To Be Not Together

What a world…

Full of lovely couples,

Clingy in the nicest way.


Oh I’d hope that we’d had that one day together.

But things got rough,

Ruining the moment of sweetness.

Ending the love once started.


I wish it was that easy…

To make the one you like be meant for you,



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Upside Down

Do I really hear what I’m hearing?
You’re mouthing goodbye ‘coz you’re taken for granted.
Revoking all my fault that incite my conscience,
And I was left crying ‘coz you still don’t know…


You have showed your love, and I only show care.
You mean your promises, but I broke mine.
You always do your part, and I sometimes do mine.
You have set romantic dates, but I always forget.


I have said most “sorry”, and least “I love you”
You miss me a lot, but I kept away.
I have let you worry that I really don’t mind.
You reminisce every single date that I refuse to hear.


…Everything you have done, I value secretly.
When it matters to you, so much to me.
I remain loyal even though it’s not obvious.
I’m no longer an ingénue because of you.


In real state, both of us made mistakes,
You’ve exerted so much effort, you thought I don’t appreciate.
I’ve been a dolt in our relationship,
But still, you endure your feelings for me.

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Can you please stay and let me take over in this relationship?
‘Coz now I realize how much you mean to me.